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Practice community of Naturopaths* Michaela and Alexander Schoenhoff in Rosenheim, Bavaria.
*Introductory statement: What we are and what we are not

Provided by both practices

  • Individual treatment of patients with chronic pain
  • Individual treatment of patients with gastrointestinal situations
    (Including microbiome/intestinal remediation, "Leaky Gut", allergies, intolerances)
  • Specialist lab diagnostics
  • Identify and address vital nutrient deficiency diseases
  • Injection and infusion treatments
  • Detoxification
  • Phytotherapy
  • Psychotherapy (n. HeilprG)
  • and various manual and complementary healing methods
Michaela Schoenhoff, HP
Additional skills
HP Michaela Schoenhoff
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • KPU - cryptopyrroluria
  • HLB-microscopy
  • Accompanying biological cancer therapy
Alexander Schoenhoff, HP
Additional skills
HP Alexander Schoenhoff
  • Mesotherapy
  • Therapeutic hypnosis
  • Talk and behavioral therapy
  • Counseling, Coaching
  • Manual therapies

HP Alexander und Michaela Schoenhoff
HP Alexander und Michaela Schoenhoff

The essentials right here and now

The independent practices of HP Michaela Schoenhoff and HP Alexander Schoenhoff professionally provide curative services. According to HeilpG, both therapists are licensed complementary medical practitioners (or in german 'Heilpraktiker').

The services offered include specialist medical and complementary assessment and diagnostics, and, of course, the treatment of general and specific disorders of the body and the soul as required and regulated by law.

About us

For us, body, mind and soul are the three pillars of holistic health.

The highest attention is given to the examination of intestines, thyroid, blood, metabolic functions and psychological stability.

On that foundation, we work as empathic, thorough, exact and realistic as possible for and with our patients.
When doing medical history or treatment work, we can be just as strictly medically minded as we could be complementary or alternative in our approach where it applies.

When it comes to your health we wouldn't just fall back on incense candles, "singing bowls" or "mystic morning fog" - however relaxing that may be. Instead we provide our patients with down-to-earth common sense, scientific facts as well as practical proposals and results.

To some of our contemporaries, what we do appears like magic. Some skeptics call it simply wrong or even fraud.

But as we see it, we don't just "conjure, glow, and hover" - we help to heal.

HP Michaela Schoenhoff
HP Alexander Schoenhoff

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