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Alexander Schoenhoff, HP - Licensed health practitioner without approbation, no MD, no PhD
The practice is registered at health authority Rosenheim

Alexander Schoenhoff, HP

Alexander Schoenhoff, HP

Nothing is so difficult
but that it may be
found out by seeking...

Provided by both practices

  • Individual treatment of patients with chronic pain
  • Individual treatment of patients with gastrointestinal situations
    (Including microbiome/intestinal remediation, "Leaky Gut", allergies, intolerances)
  • Specialist lab diagnostics
  • Identify and address vital nutrient deficiency diseases
  • Injection and infusion treatments
  • Detoxification
  • Phytotherapy
  • Psychotherapy (n. HeilprG)
  • and various manual and complementary healing methods

My specific diagnostic and treatment services

  • *Mesotherapy
  • *Therapeutic hypnosis / Healing trances
  • *Manual therapies
  • *Individually adapted treatment of chronic pain
  • *Treatment of anxiety, burnout (fatigue syndrome, overload) / boreout (undemanding senseless work/life), stress management and the like
  • *Counseling, coaching - health oriented advice and support for private and business customers
  • ***Information based treatment methods
  • **Assessment of the blood e.g. with darkfield microscopy

* traditional and/or scientific methods (non esoteric)
** traditional and/or non-scientific methods (could be regarded as esoteric)
*** can make practical use of traditional, scientific and non-scientific methods

Ongoing education, personal fields of study

  • Mesotherapy (DGM, a.o)
  • Microbiome (AGMID, a.o.)
  • Gut symbiosis (AGMID, a.o.)
  • Hypnotherapy (TMI, a.o.)
  • Traumatherapy (TMI, a.o.)
  • Conversational therapy (a.o.)
  • Orthomolecular medicine (a.o.)
  • Injection/Infusion (a.o.)
  • Phytotherapy (a.o.)
  • Manual body therapies (a.o.)
  • Darkfield microscopy (Scheller, Rinne, a.o.)
This list is not exhaustive due to continuous training. The indication "a.o." stands for "amongst others" or "and others"
And thus it stands for ongoing education and training, which, in addition to the specified institutions or persons, either took place in the form of internships, assistancies, courses, seminars or permanently via print and online media.